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Energy Petition

Please click the button below to download the petition, which was signed by over 3,500 UC members and endorsed by UC Unions representing 50,000 as well as the Associated Students, and the Graduate Students.

What happened next

In October and November of 2020, representatives of the petition met with chancellors at UC Berkeley and UC Davis, and with the Vice Chancellor Facilities of UC San Diego. Discussions are ongoing.

In December 2020, representatives of the petition also met with the Executive Vice President of the UC (Rachael Nava), the Chief Financial Officer of the UC, Academic Senate leaders and members of the Global Climate Leadership Council. The representatives of the petition had three requisitions; for the UC administrators to:

  1. Recommend a change of goal for the UC from carbon neutral to fossil free
  2. Beginning planning on the campuses for electrification (i.e. for early retirement of the co-generation plants)
  3. To partner with the petition-representatives in presenting these ideas to President Drake