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The Petition of 3,500

Please see the Summary Highlights on the Home Page for the sequence of events in this campaign.

Protesting the co-generation fossil burning plant at UC San Diego.

Major Action: The UC Energy Systems Petition of 2020

The UC Energy Systems Petition is closed; however you can access the final text and full list of signatures by clicking on the image to the right.

The petition was signed by 3,500 UC members, and backed by unions representing 50,000, the associated students and graduate and professional council.

The petition called for the UC Campuses to make plans to electrify. The process of making plans must start now, and probably costs just a few million for all campuses. Making plans could take a year or two. Only then, will the campuses be ready for large Federal stimulus, or state bonds, or philanthropy to actually replace their co-generation plants.

Contact Us and Join the Action!

We are a group of individuals from across the UC system from all majors, disciplines, and walks of life. We are all passionate about mitigating the climate crisis and pushing the UC to become the climate champions that they say they are.

This website was created by, and is managed by, the energy systems team of the UCSD Green New Deal climate action movement, in alliance with members of the UC Green New Deal Coalition.

If you want to join our efforts, please fill out the form to the right.

There are myriad actions you can be involved in:

  • Social media, Research
  • Advocacy with UC Regents, Chancellors and Legislators
  • Team and organization building
  • Protest