Let’s Make Plans to Electrify the UC

The climate crisis requires promptly retiring the UC’s

methane-burning fossil fuel infrastructure

The UC Burns Methane Gas on its Campuses

The campuses burn methane in cogeneration plants to generate electricity and heat.

The UC’s Massive Emissions Exacerbate the Climate Crisis

The burning of methane emits over 1 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per year (Scope 1 emissions)

These are smokestack emissions reported by *some* campuses to a third party. It’s clear that emissions are not generally decreasing, and, with massive campus expansion in recent years, they are probably increasing.

The UC’s Current Approach to Climate Action is Outdated

The UC’s climate action plan is called “Carbon Neutrality 2025”. At this point, this depends heavily on purchasing carbon offsets, which is deeply problematic.

Stanford’s Campus Energy Runs on Electric Input

There is an Alternative: Early Retirement of the UC Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

The UC needs to make plans now to run its campuses on electric input instead of (mostly) methane. The electric input will come from the wider grid, which is increasingly sourced from utility-level wind and solar.